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As we embark on this adventure in India, we hope you will read, comment and enjoy seeing the students’ experiences and reactions to a country none of them have visited before.
Why did we choose India? Primarily this course is designed to give the students exposure to the rich cultural heritage of Indian crafts and fashion, the global fashion industry, and to enrich student awareness with cultural experiences, historical visits, and practical hands-on field based study to facilitate learning about cultural aspects of fashion in India and global supply chains. The current apparel industry thrives on global supply chains. India is a huge player in this process, and has been for centuries. It is the second largest textiles and garment producer in the world and third largest producer of cotton. The country has immense inspirational spaces, traditional crafts, and design and production facilities that can enhance student experience and learning. As India is one of the key sourcing destinations for fabric and apparel products worldwide, students will have opportunity for networking and first-hand knowledge of production and sourcing. Secondarily, we know it will give them memories for a lifetime ~ and hope it inspires to experience more of the world. We are very excited to be a part of that!
~Dr. Anu and Dr. Gage

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