Masaba Gupta

Jennifer Vang SCU ’18

Masaba Gupta is one of the youngest female Indian designers. She currently has three popular lines. The lines are called Masaba, Masaba Lite, and Masaba sprint. The line Masaba line is gear towards females between the ages of 18 to 50, Masaba Lite line is geared towards females in their teens to early 20’s and is made to be affordable but still chic, and the Masaba sprint line is an athletic wear (About).

Masaba Gupta’s designs are known to be “fierce & bold with a strong play of color and cut, but traditionally rooted” (About). The picture below demonstrates the fierce and bold colors with the traditional Indian aspects of dress. The traditional Indian silhouette of dress is highlighted with bold contemporary designs of color and pattern blocking.

Aside from the ability to blend traditional Indian designs with contemporary designs, Masaba’s designs also have bohemian aspects and excessive use of prints (Masaba). Prints in Masaba’s designs have been a unique selling point in Masaba’s work. “The ability to turn mundane everyday objects into prints has been the strongest USP of the label which have translated into huge trends in the country” (Welcome). In the pictures below we are able to see the everyday items used as prints in the Masaba Lite line. The prints seen in the Masaba Lite line would be windows.

Masaba Gupta’s design incorporates traditional India and Modern day India aspects of designs to form a cohesive harmony between traditional and modern. This reflects how India’s cultural roots are strong and versatile being able to accommodate modern aspects of designs in their clothing. Researching about Masaba Gupta has allowed for me to experience what the modern day Indian woman may wear India. This information will help me understand the trends that are popular and fashion forward in India.


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