Sonica Sarna-Ethical Production and Design

January 14th-Choice Blog Post

For my choice blog, I decided to focus on the trip to Sonica Sarna’s factory and her advice for ethical sourcing and textile production. As soon as we got to the factory and began talking with Sonica, we could tell that this establishment was really a culmination of all the sustainable practices and handcrafts we had been learning about prior. Sonica’s words about ethical production and artisan crafting were not only a good influence for the careers we are moving into, but also good guidelines for where we are now as young designers.


Hand cut patterns at Sonica Sarna Design-January 14, 2017

A piece I really appreciated and took away from this visit was Sonica’s immersion into artisan handcraft and really being part of the revival or continuation of these handcrafts. Something very inspiring was not only the uses of these villages crafts, but the time she and other employees take to train and empower artisans so these people can have a better quality of life and jobs can grow. Even though the establishment is not a non-profit, there seems to be a lot of ethical integrity to the work they perform.

Another bit that was a good takeaway was her words about being introduced to this type of ethical production and sourcing at a young age. Sonica’s words were “You know this now and you can never not know it.” I think that this really rang true for the experience as a whole. When you learn things like being able to source from a village that offers the traditional and quality handcraft, why would you go anywhere else for that? I think that researching about the crafts you are trying to foster in a design is vital because you learn why it is so important to source from artisans themselves.

Woodblock printed silk-January 14, 2017

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