Rahul Mishra Visit

Ashley Winselman ’18 January 9th, 2017

My favorite experience of the trip thus far was visiting the design space of Rahul Mishra. Mishra was out of town but we got to meet his wife, who spoke with us and gave us a tour. The design space was located in a series of small rooms off a side street. Something that is unique to India is that from the outside, one would never expect this location to be the workplace of someone who designs for Paris Fashion Week. Within the walls of Rahul Mishra’s design space, we observed pure magic.

Specific examples within Rahul Mishra’s brand include the intricacy of his design, the ethics of his design, and the uniqueness of his design. I cannot express the beauty of how intricate his fashions are. Skilled artisans hand craft all of the embroidery to create utterly breathtaking garments. Attached is a picture of myself with a rose embroidered dress that Mishra created for the runway. I adore this piece because it showcases the fine detailing and craftsmanship that goes into Mishra’s work. Dr. Gage also fell in love with a dress that includes more elaborate design and intricate embroidery. Throughout our trip I have noticed that intricacy is extremely important to Indian design. I think this serves as a reflection of how hardworking their culture is, by being specific and intentional with each and every design.

Rahul Mishra’s fashion is very unique. He produces very individualistic designs and his pieces are one of a kind. Mishra is not afraid to stray away from original Indian fashion and create something completely new that is his own. Mishra’s wife explained that from start to finish, the design process can take up to three months. I believe that this is reflective of Indian culture in emphasizing the embracement of one’s individuality and accepting themselves as they are.

I was impressed with how ethical Rahul Mishra is within his work. He and his artisans produce everything by hand because this creates the best quality. These artisans are employed in pleasant conditions and are crafted to do this work. Mishra uses vegan leather to ensure that no animals are harmed in the creation of his garments. I find this reflective of the Indian culture because they have a high respect for animals and take pride in treating them ethically.

Overall I had an amazing experience touring Rahul Mishra’s design space. It was amazing to see the intentionality of the design firsthand and watch all of the hard work that goes into these designs. I also greatly enjoyed the ethicalness and uniqueness that are incorporated into these garments. Touring Rahul Mishra’s design space provided me with a better understanding of sociocultural aspects of dress, as well as the Indian culture as a whole.


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