January 15 Excursions-Alexis Jenson

Our last day in India started off with visiting the DLF Emporio mall in New Delhi. Even though many of us were tired and ready to go home, we were excited to see what this luxury mall was like. Although many of the stores within the mall are the same as stores we have in America, the mall was also full of Indian designers, and cute little restaurants. I made a beeline for Anita Dongre’s store, and the Vanilla Moon store (which was one of the brands we saw being manufactured at the Vanilla Moon shoe factory.) I also made a stop at the Forever21 within the mall because I was curious to see if the products they sold there were the same or different than the US. Even though the products were more or less the same, I could see how they had arranged and outfitted the clothes differently to fit with Indian styles. img_2296

After leaving the Emporio, we stopped at a small lunch place that was super crowded and super packed! The experience was pretty stressful for all of us, and we were somewhat thankful to get on the bus.

We ended our night at the home of Sushil and Neelam Bansal, Sushil is a guide that was with us at the beginning of our trip. Neelam, his wife, welcomed us with open arms and there we enjoyed a relaxing and fun night. We got henna and played Tambola (basically Indian bingo.) It was the perfect end to the trip.




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