Packing to go home

The trip to India was an experience. I had never been to a different country before, so going to India was a drastic change. On the trip I was more shocked that the country is not diverse at all. I had a great time but often felt out of place based on the stares I received. This trip was a little stressful for me because I’m not use to being in unfamiliar places. That stress combined with the stress of all the daily activities I felt overwhelm. This made me excited to go back home because I was going back to the life I’m use to. So I started packing in advance because we stay at two hotels where we left after one day. So I was already packed to go home two days before January 16th. When we got to our finial hotel I only took out a few things I needed and the rest I left in my suitcase. January 16th I woke up an hour before the bus came to the hotel. I started to pack the little things I took out of my suitcase. I also made sure all my glasses were nicely wrapped and placed in between my clothes to ensure they will not brake during the flight. I made sure that I double-checked the bathroom and bedroom to ensure I did not leave anything. I locked my check in bag after I double-checked everything. At the time I was packing I felt excited and ready to go home. I felt accomplished and that I had learned a lot about others as well as myself. This was a great experience even though it was hard at times.


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