Priyanka Ella Lorena Lama

By  Katie Jecha SCU 2018

Priyanka Ella Lorena Lama is a 25 year old rising fashion designer based in Bangalore, India.  She graduated from Bangalore’s National Institute of Fashion Technology where she studied Apparel and Fashion Design.

Lama has felt a strong connection to the arts from a young age.  She loved experimenting with shade and color and her creativity eventually spread to making clothing for her dolls. In the present day, she continues to incorporate her visual art skills with her design by creating her fashion illustrations by hand and creating and painting her own motifs on fabric. (Faces in Mist, 2015) 

Lama’s label is P.E.L.L.A, an acronym for her full name. Her debut under this label was in 2015 at Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort.  Her rise in the fashion world is important as a strong, young woman in a society that historically considered women subordinate to men. (Indian Women, n.d.)  Her collections include Utopia, Abstinence, and Maitake. The clothing she designs tends to be non-form fitted with lots of drape. Despite the looseness of the fabric, her skill in draping accentuates feminine beauty. Her color schemes are typically monochromatic.  For example, Utopia is all in white and Abstinence is all in dark colors. Lama brings in elements of the more traditional Indian clothing such as  the Sari, but adds her own twist with mono-chromatic color schemes.  (P.E.L.L.A, n.d.)

Lama’s relationship to the Indian garment and craft industries is demonstrated by her use of fibers and fabrics that are unique to India to create her collections. She likes to use delicate fabrics such as “light hand woven pure Eri, Ahimsa silk, Cashmere, and Pashmina.” (Lakme Fashion Week, 2016) All of these fibers are native to India. Eri is a silk made from the cocoons of silk worms found in North East India.  Ahimsa silk is quite similar to Eri silk. Both are created without killing the silk worms. Cashmere and Pashmina both come from goats. Cashmere is made from the soft wool of the Cashmere goat. Pashmina is made from the fine wool under hair of Himalayan goats and is more rare and expensive.  (Eri Silk, n.d.)

Researching Priyanka Ella Lorena Lama provided fascinating insights into India’s fashion industry.  It was interesting to see how the garments, while very feminine, are modest, demonstrate strength, and seem to be reflective of a modern Indian woman.  During the trip, it will be useful to be able to compare her designs to others that I will see. This will give me a greater understanding of the sources of her inspiration as well as give some additional context as I observe other designers.

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