Breakfast in India- Katie Jecha SCU 2018

 One thing that I noticed about breakfast here in India is that the meal seems more like what I would consider lunch from my cultural perspective. I had not idea what to expect. I was surprised on the first day to see spicy pasta with chopped up vegetables. There are also many types of bread and potatoes. Curry is a common seasoning . The meals are carbohydrate intensive. At times fruit is included, but I tried not too eat much of this as we weren’t sure if the water used to wash them was safe for us. Sliced bread could be toasted and eaten with jelly. The jelly is much sweeter than I am used to and almost tastes like pudding on toast. It is quite different, but also quite tasty. Porridge has been available every date. It seems to be a staple that is similar to oatmeal. Chicken sausage is also served most days. A small glass of juice, coffee or tea are the beverages that are available.  

I had no idea about what to expect in terms of food on this trip. Overall, I found the breakfast food to be satisfying and filling. I really enjoyed trying these new foods and especially liked the potatoes. I do miss fruits and vegetables in my diet in general and wish that we were able to eat more of what is available. The carbohydrates give a good amount of energy for the day. I imagine that those travelers who are from the area find this breakfast quite typical and are better able to eat all that is offered as their bodies are used the bacteria that might make us sick.

I am looking forward to my typical simple breakfast of oatmeal or a granola bar, but plan to seek out some local Indian restaurants from time to time as well to remind of me of this amazing trip. 



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