Sales Tactics: India vs. US – Kenzie Schultz 1/6/2017

Being a foreigner in any country will bring forward different forms of communication that I am not used to. Communication styles for marketing and selling goods can be different anywhere you go. I have personal experience in sales with working in retail jobs which is why the differences in certain nations selling tactics has interested me. Having been to multiple markets, areas with shops, and malls in our Indian adventure so far, I have gotten a wide variety of people who are interested in selling me a product, whether it interests me, or not.


In my sales profession lifetime, I have been taught to make the customer feel comfortable, welcome, and just to be there for them when they need something. This entails: saying hello when they enter the store, ask how they are doing, ask if they need help finding anything and have them ask me for anything they need help with.  Coming from this type of selling format, I am used to casual shopping and only getting help when I need it.

The type of selling tactics in market style places in India seem to be very forward and forceful. You are constantly surrounded by someone who tells you prices of an item or informs you the product is good and you should buy it. To me, because I am used to looking around and finding my own way in a shop, I have found frustration and I am uncomfortable with it. After taking in multiple experiences, I have thought about how a local person may interpret this type of selling versus what I am used too. A local may think that this type of sales tactic is helpful and polite. The common assertiveness everywhere you go here in India, is most likely just the way a person of India views customer service.


After multiple visits to the market, it has gotten easier and easier to deal with a sales person or work with them in a way that better suits my wants and needs. I have found some situations where I find it very helpful to work through the sale with them when I have questions on a price and have, sometimes, even gotten major deals this way. When I tell a seller that I am just looking, they tend to give me less information and leave me alone for the most part, but still follow close behind.

This type of selling is common in other areas that I have traveled to as well, just not as extreme. Dealing with the situation and making the most of it rather than being upset and annoyed has helped me to communicate better with the people I have met and I have even learned multiple things about the native products through purchasing an item. This way of selling has given me a whole new perspective on culturally accepted habits in this small category of life, along with much more.


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