Payal Singhal – Kaylie O’Connor – SCU 2017

Payal Singhal is a contemporary clothing designer from Mumbai. She began her work in 2000 and has since blossomed into a world renowned designer, splitting her time between Mumbai and New York ( She has an extensive collection that includes tunics, dresses, bridal, sarees and traditional Indian wear and is well known for her intricate beading and timeless designs. British Vogue Editor, Dolly Jones, has summed up Singhal’s work as “Gorgeous dresses for dressing up in downtown NYC with just enough of the genuine Indian magic that designers all over the world try to recreate season after season” (Jones, 2007).

Although Singhal has great influence in the modern fashion world, many of her designs are created with traditional Indian dress in mind. One great example that I saw in her current bridal collection was how her models remained modest in their dress, but the style of many of her dresses are what American designers would call “crop top.” She keeps her looks updated, but values the traditional modesty, color options and beading of traditional Indian weddings (Ramdya, 2010).

image title
Payal Singhal, Winter 2016 Collection

Outside of bridal wear, Singhal also creates tunics, dresses and “off the runway” looks for anything from everyday wear to dressing up for special events as well as traditional Indian wear and sarees ( Like her bridal gowns, each of her pieces in these collections incorporate traditional Indian aesthetics. In my opinion, the greatest difference between the tunic/dresses/off the runway collections and the Indian wear/sarees collections are who Singhal’s target market is. For the first group, she may focus in more on age or income, while the second group has a specific target who view this as a lifestyle brand or it may be created for practicing Muslim women.

image title
Payal Singhal, Winter 2016 Collection,–jacket-set


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