Lively India Perceptions Shifted

January 11th Choice Reflection

While reflecting on hygiene and city organization in India I thought of the overall irritants that an American sees. Prior to arriving in India I had heard many of the bad perceptions from friends and family that
had traveled before. I was told that I was going to hate my experience. I expected it to be dirty, smell bad, crowded, loud and rampant with poverty. I expected all of these things to be assaulting the senses at once.

While, some of those things have been present I couldn’t help but see past all of it. I think that it can be hard for many img_8624foreigners to see past the garbage and poverty. Instead what I img_8110saw was a lively bustling growing population with beauty in unexpected places. I was amazed with the amount of natural beauty that lived amongst the craziness of the city. Landscaping seems to be minimal letting nature do it’s thing, such as letting trees to grow in the middle of the sidewalk.

Animals roam freely along the road and the people have a liveliness to them that I have not seen elsewhere. Coming from a rural area I typically dislike the concrete jungles with no natural features. When I first arrived I thought it was very unorganized but slowly could see intention within the the system. I’m sure though there are some locals who also have a dislike for the cities. I think though that in general the people who live in the country have an appreciation for life, taking it as it is.


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