Eleanor Burdorf -January 3rd- Arrival

We arrived in Dehli around 11:50pm from there we all exited the plane and went straight to customs. Customs was something I had never done and wasn’t looking forward to doing at 12:00 am. Here we gave them our visas and finger prints and in exchange we got our passports stamped. From there we went to retrieve our luggage. Retrieving your luggage here was completely different than retrieving it in Minnesota. Although it’s busy and people are pushy in Minnesota this was about 10x worse. For most students getting our luggage was a struggle but we found it. For one student her luggage was nowhere to be seen. Eventually after the all the luggage was claimed hers was still nowhere to be found. We then got stuck at the airport waiting for her to fill out paperwork in order for her to get her luggage when it was found. Immediately walking outside I was completely overwhelmed there were people everywhere and for being 1:00am I thought this was strange. Normally at 1:00am the airport is pretty quiet. We met our bus driver outside and headed to the bus. On my way to the bus I saw many stray dogs which is something we don’t see in Minnesota. It completely broke my heart. I felt I needed to adopt every single one of them. Something I noticed leaving the airport was the amount of men. There were very few women to be seen. I also noticed a lot of guards with assault rifles which was something we also don’t see in Minnesota. Once we got to our coach bus we headed to the hotel which was about a 40min drive due to traffic. I knew the minute I stepped out of the airport I was in for an experience.



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