Arrival – January 3rd – Eleanor Burdorf

Arriving in Delhi was very exciting for all. After exiting the plane at 11:50pm we went straight to customs. We gave them our visa and finger prints in exchange for a stamp on our passport. Going through customs was a breaze for the entire group. Once everyone was through we went to retrieve our luggage. This was the first time I noticed the cultural difference. In Minnesota getting our luggage is always a little stressful because everyone’s agitated and pushy but here it was 10 times worse. It was so kaotoc and for being 1:00am that was strange to me because normally at the Minneapolis airport it’s pretty quiet around that time. Everyone dispersed and eventually found their luggage besides one student. Getting stuck at the airport was the last thing we wanted to do but we all felt for the student that’s luggage got lost and in order for that student to eventually get her luggage we had to stay while she filled out the paperwork. Once that issue was solved we walked outside the hotel to meet our bus driver. Immediately I noticed lots of men, stray dogs and assault riffles. I knew from the second I walked outside the airport I was in for an experience. It was a 40 minuite drive from the airport to the hotel. Now being 3:00am everyone was exhausted from their almost 40 hour day with the time change. Checking in we had no issues, everyone was able to get into their room, take a hot shower and get some sleep to prepare themselves for the long day they were about to have.





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