Pre-Trip Feelings Adrianah Trevino-Gartner, SCU ’18

Rushing–A word that describes my true feelings as our departure date approaches. Now I’m a first-time traveler; this being said I am feeling all sorts of emotions. There are obvious emotions like excitement and nervousness come; then I’m influenced not only by my confidence in myself but our group as a whole to make the best of this opportunity we can; to then come back to feeling venerable because I have no idea what’s to come. All this is racing through my mind as I try to scavenge the perfect items to pack. I want to pack just right, being I don’t want to bring stuff that I don’t end up using but have items that will enhance this experience to its full potential.  Traveling has always been something I have planned to do throughout my life, but it has not been until now I get to go on a worldly journey to India. Oddly to say, this trip has been quite spontaneous for me. Financial reasons made me unsure of the possibilities I would have come time for these options. Grateful–This is another word that describes a feeling when I get time to think of this opportunity.  Being aware of the privilege of going to school is one thing every student should know.  I think this because I feel it reminds us of how we got here. It reminds us of the people who helped us grow and become the individual we see in the mirror today.

Here we go!image title

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