Airplane Food and Flight Length

After having a rough time during both the second flight and the misplacement of my luggage, I think I am finally ready to reflect on my experience with both the airplane food and the length of the flight.

To begin, I am not one that has ever been motion sick, nor do I mind a long travel time. I’ve been in a car for sixteen hours straight before, but never a flight: however, I felt it would not be a problem at all. On our first flight, Delta from Minneapolis to Paris, we were served two meals: one dinner around 7:00 PM, and the other breakfast around 5:00 AM Paris time. As I had requested the vegetarian meal, my dinner was not too bad considering I had previously heard airplane food was bland. I received vegetarian ravioli, a vegetable and salad. Everything was great. Once breakfast came around I was not too hungry but ate a bit anyways, which was a tofu breakfast sandwich, orange juice, and raisins. During this flight, I was able to catch up on some movies that I had been meaning to see: Deadpool, Bridget Jones’ Baby, and Storks, which was wonderful.

One of the lovely airplane meals where I only ate the applesauce and drank the water!

However, during the layover and by the second flight I was no longer feeling as great. The airplane food had somehow gotten to me. During this flight, the length seemed to drag on and on as I was in and out of sleep, trying to not get sick which ended up happening a few times. We were again served food, a dinner where I only had the applesauce and a different meal toward the end of the flight which was not even served to me as I had been sleeping.

The only evidence that I had gotten sick on the plane, let’s hope it doesn’t come down to this again.

Although I was the only one who got sick during the flight, or the second one at least; this was a lesson learned as I need to take better care of my body and what I am putting into it. Hopefully India will be a great place to learn to be mindful of this!


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