Aneetha Arora

Aneetha Arora is a 32-year-old fashion designer based in Delhi, India. She actually hates being called a designer but prefers being called a textile or dressmaker. She has a master’s degree in textile design. One of the textile she is most known for are the ones she made out of paper. In the beginning of her career she created lace and trims out of paper. This was fairly different and a lot of people in her culture did not like it, but her out of the box concepts and design techniques got them to change their minds.

She started gaining popularity in India and also overseas. So with her success she started her own label in 2009 called Pero. The Indian local people inspired her label. She wanted to make clothing that was fashionable but also traditional. She has made her clothing more sustainable by using recycled materials. Her clothing is also handmade. Aneetha Arora has a anti fit ideology, so most of her clothes are over sized. Her designs are very popular now.

She has won many awards such as: the Marie Claire for Eco Fashion in 2010, Young Creative Fashion Entrepreneur in 2011, and Vogue India’s first-ever Fashion Fund Award. Aneetha Arora clothing line was in the summer 2016 Amazon Indian Fashion week. This show was a huge deal and showed her aesthetic. This designer has taught me a lot about the appetence of new ideas. Aneetha Aroa had new ideas when it came to textiles and designs but it took time for the Indian citizens to adapt. I think this was good to learn because it show how serious the Indian culture is when it comes to dress. This is good to know before I go to India so I can understand that what I wear will give them ideas about me as a person.



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